An interoperable universal gaming ecosystem, officially created by THE WORLD POG FEDERATION™, the wildly popular 90's game and collectibles brand.



100% Authentic POG cardboard coins are back in the form of POG NFTs as POG has been a trusted COLLECTIBLE, GAME … and COIN for 30+ years.



POG DIGITAL has been created by POG Unlimited, dba THE WORLD POG FEDERATION™, as they have held the trademarks and copyrights to the POG brand since 1993.


10 billion POG pieces sold

POG discs featured artwork from POGMAN™, the brand's legendary mascot, as well as more than 100 licensed brands like Disney Pocahontas, Lion King, Toy Story, Star Wars, Barbie, Smurf, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Power Rangers, Pokémon, the NHL, and more… sparking a worldwide craze of millennial collecting, trading, and playing. Creating a $500 million business over only 4 years with $10 million in revenue per week...and now Pogman is bringing his collectibles to the Solana Blockchain.


Own a Founding Piece of POG's Digital Ecosystem. Benefits include $Pogger Coin, Early Alpha, and more​.


Currently under development with a beta version of our Stack and Slam game available now! Play now!


Gamers & Collectors

The massive millennial POGGER™ GENERATION represents about 100 million millennials who are now 30 to 40 years old. This group collected POGS in the 90s and also grew up playing video games in an online world. For us, the POG Game​ has always been an exciting game AND treasured collectible. As the most common utilities of NFTs currently focus mostly on gaming and collecting, we believe POGS will have a natural legitimacy in the web3 market. This platform will be simultaneously intuitive enough for casual collectors and robust enough for the most sophisticated blockchain gamer.

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Connect with other POGGERS™ on all the regular platforms.


Game Developers

Most game developers don't have the time and energy needed to integrate a blockchain NFT ecosystem into their games. We want them to be able to focus on their strength: building amazing games.

Developers will be able to implement POG’s global NFT economy into their Web3 games using a dynamic SDK which will release in 2023.

Digital POGS will have universal value beyond gameplay, allowing gamers to earn real-world monetary value as they play to collect POGS.

Digital POGS will be available in multiple games across many gaming platforms while in-game attributes may vary between games for certain POG collections.


Brands, Celebrities, Film Studios…

Onboarding intellectual property owners into the largest web3 audience possible, including the unique opportunity to create and mint their POG collectibles to be utilized in a broad ecosystem of games, reigniting the most nostalgic 90s IP for the millennial POGGER™ Generation.

Our Founding Team includes: 4 Leaders from Unity, 1 VP from Dapper Labs, 1 VP from Solana Labs, 1 Advisory Counsel Member of Wax Blockchain, and more...

Initial sales / minting will yield a % of each sale for the 3rd party IP owner. Also a % residually on each secondary sale and we will provide education to assist in developing custom strategies.



We are honored to be building this community and ecosystem with tremendous partners!

Solana Blockchain

Solana achieves consensus using a proof-of-stake mechanism, as well as a "proof-of-history" mechanism that improves scalability without sacrificing decentralization and security.

Magic Eden and Fractal

We have launched collectibles on Magic Eden and Fractal with our game live on the Fractal Platform.

Metaplex Standard

Standard NFT protocol and application framework for decentralized NFT minting, storefronts, and sales.

Launch Roadmap

Be Prepared for Liftoff...



FOUNDING POGGER™ NFTs are the only Digital Pogs that yield Pogger Coin as a reward for staking these POGS.


$Pogger Coin

Use our official arcade coin to access the global ecosystem, purchase POG packs, complete in-game purchases, claim rewards, and more. Built on Solana Network Protocol.


Digital Pog Collections

Founding Pogger, Pogman PFP, and OKAY BEAR Collectors and Players Edition Collections.


Grand Opening of the POGMAN's NFT ARCADE

3 games currently under development.

Knowledge base

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Where can I buy Digital Pogs?

Our Collections are available on Fractal.is, Magic Eden, and other Solana Marketplaces.

When can I play the POGMAN™ game?

We have multiple games under development, with our first game's public PLAY FOR FUN (non-blockchain) version of POGMAN™ BATTLE available, Play now! Our PLAY FOR KEEPS version will incorporate POG NFTs and will be included in our POG Digital Arcade releasing in 2023.


POGMAN BATTLE is the digital version of the 90s Classic Stack & Slam Game. Where players will compete against POGMAN™ to win POG NFTs, but also risk losing their own POG NFTs in the process. This game will release in two phases. We will begin with PLAYER vs. POGMAN™, and will later introduce PLAYER vs. PLAYER on our platforms, and also within metaverse experiences on Solana. Multiplayer Demo is available here, Play now!

Who is POGMAN?

POGMAN™ invented the 90’s Classic POG Stack & Slam Game. He’s a genuine throwback, 100% Hawaiian, the Chairman of THE WORLD POG FEDERATION, THE POG Champion, and the King of Cool. He's friends with celebs, athletes, ambassadors, street artists, and more. World-renowned for his infectious enthusiasm, zany attitude, and passion for the game, he is SO READY to be back. The Game. Is. On. Can you beat him?

What does POGMAN™ do?

POGMAN™ loves the sea and ocean life, and he’s excited to show his commitment to protecting our global marine environment! He’s a bona fide athlete and into ALL kinds of sports: surfing, skating, football, hockey, cycling, and more. POGMAN™ is a partygoer and DJ, spinning records in the age of the playlist. Bottom line, he makes life FUN.

Where has he been since the 90s?

POGMAN™ has been hibernating—AND keeping a close eye on the esports and gaming world. With the success of Magic the Gathering and Pokémon, collectible-based gaming has grown beyond his wildest dreams! People have reportedly seen POGMAN™ on Twitch … have you? POGMAN™ has decided that the time is now to bring the ownership of gaming back to the players, and he’s thrilled to bring his coveted collectibles to the Solana Blockchain. POG - Player Owned Gaming.

What does he do with his winnings?

POGMAN™ puts 50% of what he wins from players into POGMAN’S POOL OF REWARDS, which he uses to compete. The other 50% he burns!

How can I access the Digital Pog Mints?

To be notified of upcoming mints, join us on Twitter and Discord!

How can we buy arcade coins?

FOUNDING POGGER NFT owners will receive $Pogger Coins for staking their Founding Pogs. Currently Poggers can sell or buy $Pogger Coin on the Famous Fox Marketplace. Search "$POGR"

What can we expect from the full launch of POG NFT COLLECTIONS?

Leading up to the POG Digital Arcade launch we will mint 5-10 POG NFT COLLECTIONS incorporating nostalgic 90s IP.


When a POGGER™ Collects all 14 pieces of a POG NFT COLLECTION, they unlock secret benefits. Both physical and digtial, both social and financial.