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Which platforms are supported?

For the current version you will need a Fractal Gaming Account. You will have a prompt to create an account, but you may need to visit Fractal.is in order to create a new account before continuing with this current version. Windows, macOS, and Linux are all supported on a desktop browser.


Try your luck w/ GachaPog!

What is GachaPog?

GachaPog is a luck based arcade game, where the player wins a prize 100% of the time. The initial round begins with .2 SOL and based on the prize awarded, Players can choose to use their $POGR Coins to reroll for a new prize. Arcade Points, POG NFTS, and other project's NFTs as well. Arcade points can be redeemed for NFTS on the Arcade Wall! Stake your Founding Pogs to earn $Pogr Coins for the Arcade!

How do I help test the game?

Join our Discord and ask for a tester role! You'll be invited to offer feedback and suggestions based on your gameplay experience.